Thinking about moving home?... we provide all tools for a successful move, from organizing to speeding up the process so when you get to the new place you have less work.
We'll select the objects that you no longer need in your new home, and we decide together whether to sell, recycle or else. I could also help you comparing prices from different transport companies.

We will make a full study of the new space for better use.

If you decide to use a removal company I will coordinate the moving process with the company you’ve chosen. Once in the new home and since we have previously worked in the organization of the boxes, I’ll help you to put everything in its place, hassle and headache free.
Home Staging
Flats / houses / apartments to rent or sell.
Do you aim to rent or sell a property?
Buyers or future tenants want to feel seduced by the new place. They are becoming more demanding and the first impression is always the most important, so, the property you want to sell becomes a marketing product.

I will help you taking care of the appearance of the property. Like this you will add value to the property.

The investment in the Home Staging is always lower than the reduction you should make for the property for a successful sell.

It is aimed for: individuals who want to sell their property quickly; companies that want to increase their sales or rentals; and, It is also designed for tourist apartments owners/managers, to make them more functional and attractive for their clients.
1I make an assessment based on a first visit, in which I organize that each thing or item finds a place in order to make the most of the space.
2I repair any flaw if necessarily, then I clean it and place in the most convenient place.
3Home Staging is all about neutralize and depersonalize a home.
How long does it take?

After the assessment it could be done between one and three days, this will depend on the size and state of the house as well as the amount of work it will require.
We will try to take advantage of the contains of the house adding a minimum of complements or decorations.

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