Intended for both individuals and professionals. Advise and streamline tasks when reforming or considering to restyle a space.
Would you like to create a new atmosphere in your home?, You want to change the appearance of a bedroom, living room, bathroom... Your house needs a restyling?
A good restyling improves the house almost at no cost. A new upholstery, add some color, rearrange furniture, place a unique piece ...all this is decisive to update the house.
How is it done?
1You tell me what you want to change and your budget.
2We set a reunion to discuss your needs and review the space(s) to renew.
3I’ll present you a preliminary proposal with a collage based in what we’ve discussed. You will then approve the project and from there we can start working on it.
Order makes our life easier
Do you need to organize and update your wardrobe, the storage room, or even your office? We need order to achieve quality.

We have to learn how to be organized.

I can help you to improve the spaces around your house, wardrobe, storage room, library or even your workplace through organization.
I am an organizer of spaces and I will help you to throw away, redistribute, find everything you have forgotten you have, and make room for it all!

The goal is to make your life easier and to find harmony in everything around you.
How do I do it?
I will analyze your space and your consumption habits, we will create a system of organization and interior design. All this is achievable in both small and big spaces. Order does not understand sizes.
I will help you to throw things away and take advantage of what you have by making the most of it. And I will provide you with guidelines to continue maintaining this order.
Furniture restoration
We all have furniture, objects that at some point in our life we have fallen in love with, but with the day-to-day, with daily life we end up seeing these objects in a different way, or they just don’t fit in their place anymore.
We don't want to get rid of them but we see them as outdated.

Whether you have a small object or a large piece of furniture, I’ll restore it for you by using different techniques. You can choose how you want it to be done. I’ll advise you on which style suits you best to be in balance with the rest or your place.

We can also take advantage of the different parts of a piece of furniture. (e.g., a closet door could be turned into a headboard, etc).
We start by setting the budget for the restoration and from there we start the project.

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